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Portable Podcasting with Fraser Speirs

I have always thought of the full-sized iPad as a content creation device. This is even more true with the release of the extremely powerful iPad Air. Fraser Speirs co-host of the Out of School podcast pushes the limits of that creative capacity by moving to an all-iPad workflow while on the road. […]

My Favorite Basic Podcast Microphones

This was the first “expensive” microphone I used to do online courses and podcasts. It is still a great microphone and at $49.99 with the offer code, it is an incredible deal. When the original white plastic (this one is now made with brushed aluminum) was released it sold for more than twice […]

MacMall | Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Silver Edition

One of my absolutely favorite podcasting USB microphones. I use this for all my online courses and for Skype calls. It was the microphone I upgrade to from the Blue Snowball microphone (also a very good USB microphone). The Yeti is now on sale for a limited time at MacMall. MacMall | Blue […]

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