MacUpdate Bundle: The best I’ve seen in awhile.

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I often post about software bundles and most of them have at least a couple of programs that are worthwhile, but the new MacUpdate offering is the best I’ve seen in awhile. It is particularly good from an academic standpoint:

  • Scrivener: my favorite software for going from research to draft.
  • Notebook 4: one of the best note taking applications around. See my review of the previous version.
  • Bookends 12: a well reviewed citation management application. I have been meaning to take the plunge but the $60 price had always held me back.

In addition to these applications the inclusion of Toast Titanium (another application whose $99 price tag has never made it appealing just to burn disks once or twice a year), iStat Menu (a nice system monitor I have used in the past), and Ember (again a program for organizing and annotating photos,screenshots etc. that I used in its previous incarnation) all make this a great deal.

2014 09 15 at 10 52 AM

MacUpdate Bundle

Nisus Writer Pro

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One of the things I did when I converted to Mac was to look for alternatives to the software I had been using. I replaced Microsoft Office with Apples iWork suite. While I love Numbers and Keynote, Pages never really appealed to me. Enter Nisus Writer Pro. If you want all the benefits of Word (track changes, comments etc.) with a much cleaner user interface Nisus is the way to go. While I draft most of my writing in Scrivener, all my finish formatting, and shorter writing activity occurs in Nisus Writer Pro.

Nisus Writer Pro is a great product and is currently on sale as part of a back to school special. But don’t take my word for it, MacWorld has two excellent reviews: here and here. If you are tired of Word, and looking to convert, now would be an excellent time to do so.

2014 08 29 at 1 47 PM

NoteBook 4: Note Taking & Organizing Software | TwoDollarTues Exclusives

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Circus Ponies has updated its note taking app Notebook to version four. I did a review of the previous release of Notebook along with a follow-up piece on creating an online notebook. Two Dollar Tuesday is offering Notebook4 at $30 off the regular price.

2014 08 06 at 2 16 PM

NoteBook 4: The Macworld Award-Winning Note Taking & Organizing Software | TwoDollarTues Exclusives

Tokyo Pens

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[This may not have anything to do with Apple or Apple products, but in my defense the owners of this company are both former Apple employees.]

For some time now I have used JetPens as my main source of Japanese pens. For those who may not be familiar (see “obsessed”) with Japanese pens, they are by and large similar to those you find at your office supply store. The difference is that it is impossible to find certain colors, models, and nib sizes (you usually can’t find a .2, .3, .38,.4 nib sizes in anything but Micron art pens), outside of Japan. My current pen of choice is the Uniball Signo UM–151 a gel ink pen with a .38mm nib. Not only can I not find the pen in any store, it is equally impossible to find the retractable version. Another more recent favorite is the Pentel Hybrid Technica with a .4mm nib. The only place I found this pen was in an art supply store in Chicago, and it did not carry the .3mm version which I also wanted to try. As I said JetPens has been my source for these pens, but their shipping charges have always bothered me. Unless you spend $25 or more, shipping costs are $7. While I like pens, I generally don’t want to spend $25 dollars on them just to get the free shipping.

Enter Tokyo Pens. I recently came across their website while comparing various pen sites. They offer the same free shipping on $25 orders, but their smaller purchase shipping charges are $5. Now I know a $2 differences isn’t that much, but for me it is the principle of the thing. Shipping costs should not be used to increase profits.

What makes matters worse is that both sites listed the same price for the Uniball Signo pens, and the Hybrid Technica at Tokyo Pens was actually $.25 cheaper. Also, though the Uniball Signo RT was $.10 more expensive at Tokyo Pens, the savings in shipping more than make up for the difference.

So, hoping to make a long and boring story short, if you are into pens and want to save a bit on shipping (and maybe a little on pens), head over to Tokyo Pens.

My Recent Purchases

Nice “thank you” from the owner on the packing receipt.

Apple Teams Up With IBM For Huge, Expansive Enterprise Push | TechCrunch

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Looks like a win-win situation for both companies. Apple seems to be making its way back into education and enterprise:

Apple Teams Up With IBM For Huge, Expansive Enterprise Push | TechCrunch

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