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My Word Processor of Choice: Nisus Writer Pro

I have been a fan of Nisus Writer Pro even before version 2.0. The latest version has allowed me to get rid of Word altogether. Here is very good review of the software by Joe Kissell over at MacWorld.

Review: MarsEdit

Buy MarsEdit. Okay, maybe I should clarify. If you maintain or regularly contribute to one or more blogs, buy MarsEdit. For the last several months I have been putting MarsEdit through its paces. I have heard people singing its praises several years, but only recently has its value become apparent to me. Along […]

Courier Prime

One of the many ways I procrastinate is to play with fonts. After all, in order to do any writing you have to have the right font for the job (I’m sure this is not a rationalization). Anyway, I recently stubbled across a new font, Courier Prime. Originally developed for screenwriters, Courier Prime […]

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