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App Santa

Just in time for the holiday season. There are some very good deals on programs that I use all the time (and several more: Drafts 4 Day One Scanner Pro Soulver TextExpander Touch MindNode

OmniGraffle 6 Review

Omnigraffle 6 By: Ioannis Smyrnias What is Omnigraffle? Omnigraffle is an application, which allows for diagrammatic representations of information (e.g. scientific figures, poster presentations, flow charts, mind maps and more). Its plethora of tools and the improvements over the previous iterations of the software in the latest version 6 make it a compelling […]

My Word Processor of Choice: Nisus Writer Pro

I have been a fan of Nisus Writer Pro even before version 2.0. The latest version has allowed me to get rid of Word altogether. Here is very good review of the software by Joe Kissell over at MacWorld.

Password Manager Apps:

Allyson Kazmucha of iMore has written a nice overview of the the best password manager apps for the Mac (and in some cases iOs as well). Academic Mac will be doing a more detailed review of 1Password in the coming weeks, but this is a nice overview of what is out there.

Winterfest 2013 Coming to a Close

Winterfest 2013 is coming to a close. There are still some very good deals on software for writers. I personally use Scrivener, Nisus Writer Pro, and Scapple. Each of these aforementioned applications are 25% off until January 10th. If you have been on the fence about trying any of these programs, now might […]

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