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App Santa

Just in time for the holiday season. There are some very good deals on programs that I use all the time (and several more: Drafts 4 Day One Scanner Pro Soulver TextExpander Touch MindNode

Review: 1Password

1Password I spent much of the last several months fighting with 1Password. Well, that isn’t entirely true, I have spent months fighting with my own laziness when it comes to password creation and management. Like many others I had a hierarchical set of passwords. There are those that are extremely cryptic and are […]

Backing Up With SuperDuper

Backing Up Your Mac: SuperDuper I am terrible at backing up my Macs. When I had an iMac I would run some backup software about once a month, or after I downloaded photos from my camera to the computer. Since the demise of the iMac my work machine consist of a 13“ MacBook […]

Review: MarsEdit

Buy MarsEdit. Okay, maybe I should clarify. If you maintain or regularly contribute to one or more blogs, buy MarsEdit. For the last several months I have been putting MarsEdit through its paces. I have heard people singing its praises several years, but only recently has its value become apparent to me. Along […]

Paddle Spring Bundle

Another bundle from

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