MacUpdate Bundle: The best I’ve seen in awhile.

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I often post about software bundles and most of them have at least a couple of programs that are worthwhile, but the new MacUpdate offering is the best I’ve seen in awhile. It is particularly good from an academic standpoint:

  • Scrivener: my favorite software for going from research to draft.
  • Notebook 4: one of the best note taking applications around. See my review of the previous version.
  • Bookends 12: a well reviewed citation management application. I have been meaning to take the plunge but the $60 price had always held me back.

In addition to these applications the inclusion of Toast Titanium (another application whose $99 price tag has never made it appealing just to burn disks once or twice a year), iStat Menu (a nice system monitor I have used in the past), and Ember (again a program for organizing and annotating photos,screenshots etc. that I used in its previous incarnation) all make this a great deal.

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MacUpdate Bundle

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