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Brother Printer Tip

I recently purchased a Brother HL2270DW laser printer to replace my HL1440 that I had for about 11 years. So far the HL2270DW has been a great printer. Its two standout features are duplex printing (I hate wasting paper/killing trees) and its wireless printing. The latter feature has become extremely popular in my […]

Moving Away From the Traditional Lab-Book

By: Ioannis Smyrnias What is the problem? A significant, but usually underestimated, difficulty for a researcher is to reproduce someone else’s experimental results. Apart from the usual hurdles in doing so, namely including different conditions and equipment available in labs, as well as varying levels of technical expertise, collecting information on how an […]

Password Manager Apps:

Allyson Kazmucha of iMore has written a nice overview of the the best password manager apps for the Mac (and in some cases iOs as well). Academic Mac will be doing a more detailed review of 1Password in the coming weeks, but this is a nice overview of what is out there.

Mac Bundle 4.0 from StackSocial

Yes….another bundle. There are several interesting apps in this offering including Snagit screen capture, Flux 4, and Chronicle 5. I have used Chronicle, the bill reminder software. It is a nice program, though its inability to calculate interest on loans and credit cards makes it slightly less helpful in tracking expenses. As an […]

Portable Podcasting with Fraser Speirs

I have always thought of the full-sized iPad as a content creation device. This is even more true with the release of the extremely powerful iPad Air. Fraser Speirs co-host of the Out of School podcast pushes the limits of that creative capacity by moving to an all-iPad workflow while on the road. […]

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