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Review: MarsEdit

Buy MarsEdit. Okay, maybe I should clarify. If you maintain or regularly contribute to one or more blogs, buy MarsEdit. For the last several months I have been putting MarsEdit through its paces. I have heard people singing its praises several years, but only recently has its value become apparent to me. Along […]

Apple’s iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Sell 9M Units Over Opening Weekend, Topping 5M For iPhone 5 Last Year | TechCrunch

In spite of the criticism that Apple didn’t “innovate” with the 5s and 5c, people apparently liked what they saw. The inclusion of fingerprint recognition, 64-bit processor, upgraded cameras, and the new iOS7 (which I love even though I have to re-learn a few gestures) was obviously enough to satisfy consumers. I am […]

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