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PDFpen and PDFpen Pro

Send to Kindle[Update: PDFpen and PDFpen Pro will be on sale for a limited time from 2013-3-19 through 2013-3-20 at $29.99 and $39.99 respectively] I should state from the beginning that I am not a fan of Adobe Acrobat. I used Acrobat when it first appeared on the PC, and year after year the free […]

Google, destroyer of ecosystems

An interesting take on the shut down of Google Reader and its effects on bloggers by Aldo Cortesi. Google destroyed the RSS feed reader ecosystem with a subsidized product, stifling its competitors and killing innovation. It then neglected Google Reader itself for years, after it had effectively become the only player. Today it […]

Google Reader Alternatives

Google’s recent announcement that it will be shutting down Google Reader on July 1 is causing just a bit of consternation for its devoted users. I have never been a big user of Google Reader (although it did act as the backbone for the feed reader I used on iOS). Most of my […]

Cult of Mac Spring Bundle

And the hits just keep on coming. Cult of Mac is offering its own spring bundle. If you need (or want) Roxio Toast 11 and Launchbar then the bundle is well worth the price. Sale Ends March 19 Cult of Mac Bundle

Getting Things Done: OmniFocus, Things, and TaskPaper

About twice a year, I take a serious look at how I am tracking and organizing my various projects and activities. Several years ago, during one of these efforts, I read David Allen Greene’s Getting Things Done. If you are familiar with Greene’s GTD system, you are also familiar with the way he […]

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