Podcasting and Screencasting Software

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I have used a variety of applications to create online content. Here are a few of my favorites.

(last updated:2012–1–11)

Screen Capture

Skitch (free: Mac App store) – capture images from your computer screen.
Quicktime X (free) – capture screen, audio and video.
iShowU HD ($29 – 59) – capture screen audio, video and camera.
Screenflow ($99) – capture screen audio, video and camera.

Never personally used but recommended by others:

Camtasia ($99)
Snapz Pro ($69)

Audio Recording

Quicktime X (free)
GarageBand (free with new Mac)
Audacity (free)
Amadeus Pro ($59)
Audio Hijack Pro ($32)

Audio Editing/Correction

Audacity (free)
Amadeus Pro($24.99-$59.99)
Fission ($39) – non-destructive audio editing.
Levelator (free) – evens-out audio recordings

Video Editing

iMovie (free with new Mac)
ScreenFlow (editing built into program)
Adobe Premiere Elements ($69)


Blue Snowball USB Microphone ($64)
Blue Yeti USB Microphone ($91)
Rode Podcaster USB Microphone ($229)

You can record a Keynote presentation and export it as a .mov file, though you cannot re-record an individual slide, but have to start the entire presentation over. This may be good for live recording, but is less than ideal for content you want to create exclusively for the web.


Prices listed for software are before any non-academic discount. Even if a site doesn’t list it, there is often special pricing for academics. It never hurts to contact the company.

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