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Podcasting and Screencasting Software

I have used a variety of applications to create online content. Here are a few of my favorites. (last updated:2012–1–11) Screen Capture Skitch (free: Mac App store) – capture images from your computer screen. Quicktime X (free) – capture screen, audio and video. iShowU HD ($29 – 59) – capture screen audio, video […]

Apple Sees 95% Worker Compliance in Asia, Expands to 800,000 Workers

Send to Kindle via It seems Apple is responding to the criticisms it has been receiving. Regardless of whether it is out of a sense of moral responsibility, or good PR, it is still a step in right direction.

More on Apple and Foxconn

Not to muddy the waters even more, but a recent report from Marketplace Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz draws into question even more of Mike Daisy’s assertions about working conditions at Apple’s Foxconn manufacturing plants

Apple’s Moral Problem

Over the last few months Apple has received a fair amount of negative press over the factory conditions in its manufacturing plants in China. To be more precise, Apple has been criticized for the working conditions in the Foxconn manufacturing facilities it contracts with to produce its entire product line including iPods, iPhones, […]

Clarify: Screenshots and Manuals Made Easy

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Often when I am helping a friend, colleague, or student with a computer or online issue, it is far easier to send a screenshot (or even a few) to help walk them through the steps necessary to resolve the issue. If all I need […]

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