This American Life – Apple Story Retraction

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Mr. Daisy Embellishes for Dramatic Effect

The recent scrutiny Apple has come under for its manufacturing practices was in part fueled by the recent investigative piece by Mike Daisey which aired on This American Life. As part of that report, Daisey recounted his trip to China where he met with several underage workers, workers severely burned while on the job, dorm rooms with bunk-beds stacked to the ceiling, and armed guards at factory gates. Unfortunately, none of this was true. According to Daisey, these details were added for dramatic effect. Since the discovery of these fabrications—to its credit—This American Life has retracted its original story, and has done an entire Retraction episode.

Apple may have a long way to go as far as manufacturing reform, but that in no way justifies, for dramatic effect or otherwise, lying about the actual conditions in the Foxconn factories.

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