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This American Life – Apple Story Retraction

Mr. Daisy Embellishes for Dramatic Effect The recent scrutiny Apple has come under for its manufacturing practices was in part fueled by the recent investigative piece by Mike Daisey which aired on This American Life. As part of that report, Daisey recounted his trip to China where he met with several underage workers, […]

$8 Billion iPod

Finally: Some of the Real Math on Piracy I don’t condone piracy, but I also know that the claims of the RIAA/MPAA, and others seems —though I haven’t run the numbers myself—a bit off. As it turns out, there is some incredibly bad math used to support the economic impact of illegally downloaded […]

MacLegion Bundle is Back

Send to Kindle MacLegion is once again offering its spring software bundle for $49.99. One of the included programs is Circus Ponies NoteBook which I have reviewed in a previous blog post. The standard price for that program alone is $49.00 ($29.00 for an academic license). Outside of NoteBook I have used Kinemac which is […]

Mind Mapping on the iPad

I have been a fan of mind maps for several years. As I wrote about in a previous post, mind mapping, after note-taking/research, is the first step I take in writing a paper. In certain cases, I might even start with a mind map as a way of helping guide my research and […]

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